Yachty Karate

DJ RadRye

Fridays 10:00 to 12:00


The origin of RadRye dates back to most radical times on the Brooklyn streets, “that’s rad” echod off every bodega. She’s been on hiatus for a while, and I’m busting her out of retirement to play some tunes on the FM waves.

I’m Ava, a big music nerd, a mum and a sailor. I live aboard the wee goodship Cinderella, a converted EV yacht with my husband and little rascal 2 year old. We blew in to Aotearoa from Seattle by way of 7 countries / island nations in late 2019. In 2020 we ended up (happily) stuck in New Zealand when the borders closed. Now we are privileged to call this place home, having found our lovely floating community in Town Basin.

Before I sold my record collection and earthly belongings to sail away, I spent 8 years in the music industry back home in New York and Seattle. Before the New York City hustle gobbled me up, in 2013 I set my wagons west to Seattle in search of mountains and sea, where also lived glorious live music on every corner of Capitol Hill. There I discovered the best cure for seasonal depression: heavy regimen of good coffee, Vitamin D and dancing at local shows.

Seattle was where my love for local radio began. I volunteered as a DJ assistant at the local radio station KEXP for 5 years with DJ Shannon Thursdays from 8pm-12am. Although I’ve spent heaps of time in the studio, I’ve never been the chick at the helm – so I’m giving it a go… with many learning curves ahead!

So look out for me on Fridays 10am-12pm, my show is called ‘Yachty Karate’ and I’m playing a variety of tunes to stoke your Friday. Expect to hear some of my all time favs, the songs that kept me sane at sea, some new discoveries  and yeah – for sure some yacht rock tunes. I believe music connects community in powerful ways, and I’m here for it man!

Thanks for tuning in y’all, it’s an honor to be a part of the Beagle Radio whānau.

Genre: Eclectic
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