Sonic Explorations

Chunky Dylan's Dream Horse

Alternate Saturdays 15:00 to 17:00


This is me talking to a banana. I’m trying to reach an Apple representative, so I can describe to them what my dream horse actually looks like. Cos, who doesn’t want a horse? But there’s so many variables. You could be picturing a black stallion with a rugged windswept mane, rearing on its hind quarters, muscles glistening with sweat, and you wind up getting a miniature pony with a nice haircut!

Sonic Explorations with Chunky Dylan’s Dream Horse is all about that. A little bit absurd, and completely unpredictable as we make shit up as we go along. Expect an eclectic mix of old and new as we champion the innovative, and boundary breaking music of early pioneers, through to the multifarious sounds of today’s most original bedroom producers. Tune in for a Saturday afternoon of soothing dreamscapes, speckled with the occasional nightmare, and foot stomping bangers to clean the house to.

There’s no better way to warm up for your Saturday night.


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