Fringe Radio

Hosted by Damo

Daily 9:00 to 12:00


Fringe Radio will be running daily from 9-12 for the duration of the Whangārei Fringe Festival, bringing you everything FRINGE!!

Join DJ Damo & various Beagle DJs as they invite all of the out of town weirdos, along with our homegrown wackjobs, for a korero in the studio, to preview and promote their shows.

Anything goes – it could be a performance of an extract from a show, singing a song, play something live on air.

They’ll also be reviewing shows from the day before, drinking great coffee from the onsite cafe Lovey’s, and generally generating Fringe buzz, hype and hysteria. 

Perhaps you’re not quite sure yet who to see? Or maybe you’re wanting to hear direct from an artist that’s caught your attention? Tune in to hear all the latest Fringe goss!

Whangarei Fringe run from 30th September until 16th October. You can check out more over on their website here.

Day 17 – Sunday 16th October

: Damian
9:00 Previews of today’s shows
9:10 Verena Pschorn (The Human Library) from Friday 30th September
9:25 Thomas Chapman and Gavin Hewitson (Elevator Comedy) from Sunday 2nd October
9:45 Patrick Biss (Cicada) from Wednesday 5th October
10:10 Barnie Duncan (Is Funny for an Hour) from Saturday 8th October
10:30 Donald and Rachel (Laldy) from Saturday 8th October
10:55 Stephen Bain (The Drifting Room) From Saturday 8th October
11:15 Gabriel, Lisa and Johnathan (Mutes From Mars) 11:25 “Dizzy”- song from Put Up And Shut Up by Sarah Macombee
11:37 Ray O’Leary and Becky Umber (Or Your Money Back) from Saturday 15th October


Day 16 – Saturday 15th October

: Damian
Guests: 9:00 Advait Kirtikar (The Awkward Indian Guy Act)
9:45 John Davies (Te Tupua The Goblin)
10:05 Steven Lyons (The Dice Show)
10:30 Ray O’Leary and Becky Umber (Or Your Money Back)
11:40 Harley Alexander (Blackadder The Golden Age)


Day 15 – Friday 14th October

: Damian
9:35 Reviews and previews
10:05 Orin & Fin (Soy Boys) repeat of interview from yesterday
10:30 Morgana O’Reilly (Stories About My Body) by phone
11:00 Alan McElroy (MisTAKEN Identity) by phone
11:40 Reviews and previews with Matt


Day 14 – Thursday 13th October

: Damian
9:05 Maggie Cocco (Science For Sociopaths) – repeat of interview from yesterday
9:45 Reviews and previews 10:30 Kozo Komatsubara and Zach Washer (Buskers on the Road)
11:00 Orin & Fin (Soy Boys)
11:30 Adam Rohe & Ben Sarten (Man Lessons)


Day 13 – Wednesday 12th October

: Damian
9:00 Jarred Taylor (The Virtual Open Studio)
9:30 Maggie Cocco (Science For Sociopaths)
0:25 Hayley Douglas & cast (The Happy Prince) – repeat of interview from 4th October
10:30 Andy Sondalini (Comedic Lube Wrestling) – by phone
11:05 Julie Edwards (Barrier Ninja) – reply of interview from 2nd October


Day 12 – Tuesday 11th October

: Damian
9:00 Reviews/previews of Fringe Shows
10:00 Kait Scott (Fringe organiser)
11:05 Laurel Devenie (The Living Forest)
11:45 repeat of Sunday 9th interview with Alexander Sparrow & Katie Boyle (50 Minute Slay and Walk Away/ Pat Goldsack’s Swingers Club)


Day 11 – Monday 10th October

: Matt
9:35 Mutes from Mars interview
9:45 Matt’s reviews of a f@&$en epic weekend at Fringe!!


Day 10 – Sunday 9th October

: Damian
9:00 – 10.30 am Previews, reviews and repeats of interviews with Fringe Radio guests whose shows are coming up
11:36 Alexander Sparrow & Katie Boyle (50 Minute Slay and Walk Away/ Pat Goldsack’s Swingers Club & Brothel)


Day 9 – Saturday 8th October


Hosts: Damian
9:00 Barnie Duncan (Is Funny for an Hour)
9:30 Donald and Rachel (Laldy)
10:30 Rob Jones (DIY Punk Opera)
10:45 Stephen Bain (The Drifting Room)
11:00 Summer and Luke (King Tide)
11:30 Tui Mamaki (The Moon and The Machine)
11:45 Simon, Joel & Henry (Auckward)


Day 8 – Friday 7th October

: Damian
9:00 Ryan McGee (Scottish Kiwi)
10:00 Reviews and Previews
George Fenn (Router Sidewalker, Alive and Dangerous Art)
11:40 Jack Ansett (Triathloser)


Day 7 – Thursday 6th October

: Damian
9:00 Phillip Aughey (Chopin’s Last Tour)
9:15 Damo Reviewing & Previewing
11:00 Sarah Macombee & Rachel Pritchard ZOOM (Put up and Shut up)
11:15 11:30 Fringey Music & Banter
11:40 Kyle, Aaron and Melissa (The Wedding)


Day 6 – Wednesday 5th October

: Damian
9:00 Donald and Rachel (Laldy)
9:30 Hayley Douglas (Honey and Wildfire)
10:00 Kip Davies-Colley (Intense Tiger Fist) 1
11:00 Ben Tito Caldwell (Snowcock)
11:30 Patrick Biss (Cicada)


Day 5 –  Tuesday 4th October 

Guests / Interviews:
9:00 Matthew de Boer and Kim Newall (Climate Imaginaries)
9:30 Hayley Douglas (The Happy Prince)
10:00 Meg O’Halloran (The Imaginarium)
10:45 Joel Ruys (Huia Express, by phone)
11:30 Hamish Annan (Access)
11:45 Sam and Carina de Vetter (The Blue Valley)


Day 4 –  Monday 3rd October 

Damian & Matt from 9:30am
Guests / Interviews:
9:00-11:00 Reviews & Previews + Fringey music!
11:00 – Interview with Mermaid Bait + live to air performance in the studio!


Day 3 –  Sunday 2nd October 

Guests / Interviews:
9:15 Julie Edwards (Barrier Ninja)
10:30 Whitney Channing (Songs from my suitcase)
11:00 Gavin Hewitson and Thomas Chapman (Elevator Comedy)


Day 2 –  Saturday 1st October 

Hosts: Damian & Matt
Guests / Interviews:
9:00 – Opening night reviews with Damian & Matt.
11:00 – Darran and Coombe Lees (Weekends With Dad) – Phone Interview


Fringe Opening Day 1 – Friday 30th September


Hosts: Damian
Guests / Interviews:
9:30 – Liam Astbury (Affectionate Portraits of Furship)
9:45 – Verena Pschorn (The Human Library)
10:00 – Jo Jo Bellini (Bondage Queen Sings The Hits)
10:30 – Piet Niewland & Matt Kelly (Intangential)
10:45 – Steven Lyons (Dice Show & Joyous Comedy Hour) by phone
11:15 – Vinyl Burns aka Kim Potter(The Power to Change Your Mind)
11:45 – Michael Hockey & Stenn Francis-Deare (To Be Frank)
12:00 – Anders Falstie-Jensen (Back to Square One)